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Sample XLSX file for testing

Microsoft Excel spreadsheets can be extended with the.xlsx extension, which allows for the storage of data in an open XML format. This is the most recent version of the Excel extension that can be found in Microsoft Office 2007 and later versions. A test of the sample XLSX file can be downloaded in sizes of 100 KB, 300 KB, 500 KB, and 1 MB.

What is an XLSX file?

An Excel spreadsheet file that is saved in the Open XML format is referred to as sample xlsx file for testing. There is a possibility that it offers formatting, styles, charts, and mathematical functions. Microsoft created it specifically for use with Microsoft Excel; however, it is also compatible with other spreadsheet programs and may be accessed and changed by such programs, such as Apple Numbers or OpenOffice Calc.

In the version of Microsoft Excel that was released in 2007, the XLSX file format was introduced as the default replacement for formatted in XLS. It is important to note that XLS files preserve spreadsheet data as a single binary file, but xlsx file download free store data in a compressed Zip package as a collection of separate files and directories. In addition, Sample xlsx file download include spreadsheets that contain XML files that provide a description of the worksheet.

Here is more information about the XLSX Format.