Sample XLS file download

14 kB

50 rows


20 kB

100 rows


100 KB

613 rows


140 kB

1000 rows


500 KB

4430 rows


670 kB

5000 rows


1 MB

2382 rows


Sample xls file for testing

An earlier format accessible in Microsoft Office,.xls is an extension of Microsoft Excel that stores data in binary format. In order to ensure that the application and code are functioning correctly, sample xls file is created for the testers. We have 100Kb, 500Kb, and 1Mb sample.xls files available.

Have you ever wished you could see an example of an Excel file before importing it into an app on your mobile device?

This free service makes it easy to test Excel files (.xls). While developing an app, there’s no need to make an Excel file, fill it with thousands of rows of fake data, and then test it to make sure it works. There is an.xls file for every size, so you can easily download the one that suits your needs and test it out in no time. You may discover sample .xls files here with row counts varying from 10,000 to 50,000. Therefore, enable the rapid download of xls file example for a quicker demo.

Find out which of the two sizes you’ve specified—kilobytes or megabytes—for the Excel file upload works best. When it comes to testing .xls or Microsoft Excel files, what makes this service special is that there is no download fee. With a single swipe, you can now easily download and test your code in PHP, C#, or any other language that aims to import Excel files. You can use the sample xls file download because it has enough bulk entries. A simple click of the DOWNLOAD button will get you going.

Here is more information about the XLS Format.