Sample BMP Files Download

What a BMP file is?

Photos, including metadata, can be saved in the BMP format, which is ideal for storing uncompressed data. The format can handle both color and monochrome photos with varying color depths. A bitmap image file, “device independent bitmap (DIB) image,” or just “bitmap image” are all terms that describe the same thing when discussing BMP files. A device-independent image is one that does not alter its quality when transferred between devices, as the name implies.

Save Example Files in BMP Format

Select the desired file size of sample bmp images from the drop-down menu and click the “Download” button to save a sample BMP file to your computer. So that users can obtain the perfect BMP file for their testing needs, we offer a range of sizes.

Basic to every bitmap picture file (BMP) is a header that details the image’s properties, including its dimensions, color depth, and compression type. After the header, the data for the image is saved in a simple pixel-by-pixel format. In a bitmap picture format (BMP), each pixel is associated with a fixed location in the image and stores details about that location’s color.

The absence of compression sample BMP files download is a distinguishing feature; this means that the color information of each pixel is stored without the use of data compression technologies. Although this produces detail-rich, high-quality photographs, it also makes BMP files potentially bigger than other compressed image formats.


Bitmap Image Files (BMPs) are a graphics format created by Microsoft. Sample bmp file for testing are renowned for being straightforward and displaying image data in an uncomplicated manner. Images saved in BMP files retain all of their original quality and detail because they do not compress them. To better understand the format’s features and its many potential uses, it is helpful to have a visual depiction of them in a “BMP sample file” when investigating BMP files.