File Examples logo white is a platform designed for developers, designers, and testers. It offers a wide range of downloadable sample test files in various resolutions and sizes, ideal for testing or demo purposes.

Most popular sample test file formats

If we miss any, let us know! ;-)

Sample Files Download

We offer a huge range of free test data types video, audio, documents, and images. You can test files by downloading them in a lot of different sizes, bit rates, and formats. Do not waste time making dummy files. Just click on one of the buttons below to get the sample test files you want. Each of these categories has files for users to download that have different file extensions and sizes. The test files have been divided up into various groups. You can choose the area you need and then download the file type you want. Some common file types are doc, docx, PDF, WAV, and so on.

We care about what it says and who reads it. All of the sample files have been checked for viruses and are now safe to use.

Video files

Here is a great variety of sample video files that can be used for demo testing. Pick a file type and size to download for free.

Audio files

Do you need mp3, wav, or some other type of music file to test? You can get free files of any size or type.


Here is a group of file types like doc, docx, odt, pdf, xls, ppt, pps, and more. You can get them for free.


Here is a set of photos to test. You can get a lot of different sizes and types for free, like jpg, png, and gif.

Other files

Here is a number of different text and folder files. You can save files as HTML, CDF, CSS, ZIP, TXT, JSON, and more.

Why did we make the “Test File Download” resource?

We created our sample test files specifically to measure how fast test files download. Download speed testing programs abound online, but dummy files are a lifesaver when comparing your actual internet speed with programs like “Internet Download Manager or IDM” or another.

Your internet service provider may have a download limit, and downloading our free sample test files will count towards that limit. Downloading huge files, such as those in the 10 GB or 5 GB bins, etc., requires caution.

What to Do If  You Want to Save Our Sample test Files?

Choose the size of the test file you want to download from our list: 10 GB, 5 GB, 1 GB, 512 MB, 200 MB, 100 MB, 50 MB, 20 MB, 10 MB, 5 MB, 1 MB, 100 KB. Then, the download will begin. Whenever possible, these example files use IPv6, but if not, they use IPv4. Currently, we only support HTTP file transfers; support for FTP is on the way.

The sample test files are saved on limitless, high-speed servers. So, make sure your internet connection is fully charged before you begin free test data downloading.

In the event that the download does not begin, you can either “open link in new tab” or “copy link address” from the context menu of the file box. Then, either copy or paste the link to the location where you want to download it.

Conversely, open the link in a separate window if you see a “unauthorized” or “forbidden” error. The reason behind this is that we take measures to avoid bots engaging in repetitive actions and automatic large file download.

Why do I need to get a sample test file?

Among the numerous possible applications of a sample test file are:

  • Check the download or internet speed.
  • Verify the health of your internet service provider and broadband connection (5G broadband included).
  • Verify that the performance of your fiber internet meets your expectations.
  • Check the speed of file transfer

Are your test files compatible with any broadband or are they broadband specific?

Test files are compatible with all major internet providers, including 5G wireless, Atlantic, spectrum, kyrio, Verizon, AT&T, Astound, Mediacom, HughesNet, rise, Suddenlink, and any others.

Just choose a sample test files to download from the options above and see how fast you download speed is.

Downloaded Test Files from the network

These example test file will be downloaded in their entirety from servers located on fast networks across your network connection. To see how fast your network downloads files, you can use these files.

Locally made test files

Due to the dynamic nature of their content generation, locally generated files will download far faster than network downloaded files. The only things limiting how fast they can download are the processing power and storage capacity of your device.

As per the ISQ and IEC standards, all file sizes here are in accordance with these values: 1 KiB = 1024 bytes and 1 KB = 1000 bytes. Lots of online resources still use the older definition of 1 KB, which is 1024 bytes. If the file size you’re expecting isn’t there, try downloading the other version.

Download example  files of a specific size

When you want free sample file download of a specific size, just type in the desired size and hit the download button. You shouldn’t consider these locally created files as a measure of download speed either.

What is “sample test files”?

Software engineers create sample files for the purpose of testing. They let testers see how an app or web app performs with actual user data in real-world scenarios, and they’re usually free to download. You can download free sample files and utilize the sample files.

What is the total number of file types?

What we call “files” on computers are actually collections of data kept on hard drives. The files are categorized into many types based on their format and content. Various file formats can store various types of data in their own unique way.

The digital world is home to hundreds of thousands of file types. To open and handle various file types, you’ll need to have the right software of example files. Feel free to get in touch with test file download  at any time to provide suggestions for new samples to add to the library.

Get the File Samples

You can use the 100+ free sample files at your disposal for any kind of testing or demonstration. To meet your individual needs, we offer sample files in a range of sizes, resolutions, and formats. Whether you’re a developer, designer, or tester, we offer something for everyone. Downloading any sample file is a breeze with our user-friendly interface.

What does free test data contain?

Exceptional Question: These example files provide no useful information since we have created them using various programs. Actually, when you attempt to open the necessary tools, these files can give you an error. The 7-Zip program, for instance, can give you the “file is corrupted” message if you try to open our zip file.

But keep an eye out if you’re a developer or programmer in search of a test file with test data for your projects! A variety of data files, including audio, video, document, images, cucumber, java, JUnit test files, etc., will soon be uploaded for use in testing.

Will downloading our sample files put you at risk?

Of course! Download test files is totally risk-free. Before uploading, we ran top antiviruses on all of our test files. Therefore, these files are safe to download.

Nevertheless, we will shortly provide malware test files showing which antivirus programs are compatible with each other.


Could you please explain what sample test files are?

There are various uses for sample test files. From a coding standpoint, these files are utilized for unit and code testing. Nonetheless, we primarily created these test files to evaluate the speeds of various download sample files broadband connections and tools.

How big are the sample test files that you offer?

Massive files like 10Gb, 5GB, 1GB, 512MB, 200MB, 100MB, 50MB, 20MB, 10MB, 5MB, 1MB, or even 100KB are among the dummy files download.

How can I get a big file to download?

The good news is that a massive 10-gigabyte test file is at our disposal. Download with a single click. Reach out to us if you require a file that is even larger.

What is the best way to download files that are quite large?

Downloading a test file of any size is as easy as clicking the file you want. The command “wget” is another option for downloading.

Are you in possession of the Eicar test file?

Damn, it’s still in the works! In order for you to test your antivirus program, we will soon post the Eicar file.